Shop open by appointment only after 9/27, with new hours soon

Shop Update: It looks like the storm clouds are clearing up. We are little fluffy cloud stage right now and soon moving to clear skies.
Reality: COVID-19 took a toll. The shop has been closed since March 19th (according to the calendar in our checkout area). Louise began ramping up her online sales focused on her designs and masks and has been literally sewing non-stop since then. Matte took a full-time back in the lending business.
This took our focus away and left no time to deal with the shop that we love.
But, we are now getting to a stage where we feel we can get effort back into the shop. It will take several weeks of preparation, but we will start rolling out some weekend dates hopefully starting in early October. And then see how things go from there.
We aren't totally prepared but we can consider appointments starting after 9/27.
Stay tuned for more updates soon...
~Louise & Matte Black

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