Bust - Diana Of Versailles 23"
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Bust - Diana Of Versailles 23"

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Bust of Diana of Versailles, Greek Goddess, Classic Bust of Plaster in Ivory. 23" tall and 12" wide at the shoulder.

Story of Diana: Diana was the daughter of Jupiter, the chief God and the sister of Apollo. Her mother, Latona, was one of Jupiter's paramours. When Diana was born, her mother bore her painlessly, and then Diana helped her deliver Apollo, thus making Diana the "Patroness of Childbirth." As a child, Jupiter asked Diana what she would like as gifts. She replied that she wanted eternal virginity (in the sense of always being true to her own nature), as many names as Apollo, a bow and arrow like Apollo's, the office of bringing light (guidance), and nine maidens. She is also known as, "Diana the Huntress" and the "Goddess of the Moon."

This Statue Bust of the Goddess Diana Artemis is reproduced after an original in the Versailles collection at Versailles, Paris, France.

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