Extra Belt for Victorian Style Clasping Hands Belt Buckle ***Buckle Not Included
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Extra Belt for Victorian Style Clasping Hands Belt Buckle ***Buckle Not Included

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NOTE: ***Clasping Hands Belt Buckle Not Included with this Item***

This item is for an extra belt that fits the Clasping Hands Buckle.

Interchangeable extra belt in either brown/black leather or brown/black vegan option.

For the belt you can choose to have yours made in dark brown or black leather. we also offer vegan leather options. The belt is thick, 4-6 ounce leather, that is 1.5" wide. Please let me know what size your waist is so that I can custom make this to fit. It has 4 snaps so you can adjust it by 3 inches to wear it super tight around your natural waist, or slung a little lower on your upper hip area.

At this time, custom pre-orders placed now will post in about 4 weeks. Order now to get your custom belt in line. First to order will get their's soonest. They may ship earlier than 3-4 weeks, but I’m erring in the side of caution.

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