Eye Spy Corset Custom made to your measurements by Louise Black
Eye Spy Corset Custom made to your measurements by Louise Black
Eye Spy Corset Custom made to your measurements by Louise Black
Eye Spy Corset Custom made to your measurements by Louise Black
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Eye Spy Corset Custom made to your measurements by Louise Black

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This lace trimmed corset is a Louise Black original. It is constructed from 7 panels of eye-print cotton twill and is reinforced with 3 additional layers of fabric (for a total of 4 layers) for even more cinching power. It is lined in a comfortable, decorative canvas fabric so it looks as pretty on the inside as it does on the outside. The edges and seams are encased in bias tape & lace. This sturdy, under-bust style will pull in your waist to give your mid-section a waspy, hour glass appearance.

There is steel boning throughout (with 1/2" and 1/4" steel along the side seams, back, & front). It laces up through double sided black grommets with heavy duty black cord. The front and back are approx. 12" tall and the sides are approx. 10" tall. If you require a taller or shorter corset, or have special shape requirements, please let me know. 

At this time, orders placed now will post in 2-3 weeks*.

*Note: 2-3 weeks is the normal time-frame, but during the Covid-19 Crisis we are having difficulty sourcing some materials in a timely fashion.  If you have concerns over when the item will ship, please contact us prior to ordering, here on our Contact Us page.


*This is a custom-sewn corset made to your measurements (see diagram). I will need 4 measurements in order to complete your corset.  Please email those to us separately after you place your order. 

1.) how tall are you? 2.) your underbust measurement 3.) your natural waist measurement 4.) your upper hip measurement. 
For the last 3 measurements, measure around your torso at the points which correspond to the lines on the diagram ( the last image). You can give me measurements in inches or centimeters. Please ask if you have any questions about how to take your measurements. 

When deciding which size is right for you, it's best to go 3-5" smaller than your natural waist. 2-3" smaller will allow you to almost fully close the corset and 4-5" will leave a small gap in the back to show off the lacing. Please take into consideration that bulky clothing will add 1/2"-1" to your measurements. Please email if you have any questions about sizing. 

Shipping is via USPS priority mail for orders within the States, 1st Class for all international customers unless other arrangements are made (this is due to the United States Post Office's recent price hike). 

Terms: (note: images are copyright Louise Black Designs 2000-2019 and may not be used for any purpose without permission). Insurance is included in the US shipping costs (Intl. customers, please inquire if you need insurance. Shipping is at your own risk if you do not purchase insurance), but I am not liable for postal mess ups (lost, stolen, damaged packages, etc).

International buyers: Most of you that regularly buy from out-of-country are familiar with the occasional customs fee, but there are still those to whom this is a surprise. Please know that this is always a possibility when ordering from outside your country. Feel free to ask questions prior to purchasing. All intl. packages will be marked as merchandise.