Louise Black Designs

6/01/23: Please note: All existing custom belt and harness orders are taking 2-3 months and will be fulfilled.  As of June 1st, we are no longer taking orders.  I am a full time estate sale company owner, antique dealer on top of keeping up with my booth at Uncommon Objects.  

It took some time to make the decision to stop offering my designs, but there just isn't sufficient time in life to do so many things, so it is time to go on an extended or possibly permanent hiatus from designing and producing.

I've been designing and sewing since the late '90s and selling online since 2000. I started out creating Gothic Lolita fashions and then moved into more historical couture pulling inspiration from decades past.  My line gained additional exposure on the fashion show "Project Runway" in 2009, season 6. 

Having been an Etsy seller since 2007, I have over 1000 5-Star reviews. My collection is moving to Golden Bow (our physical boutique) to keep everything in one easily accessible location and to get away from Etsy fees, which will help keep prices down. You can find a history of my recent designs and inspiration on my Instagram Feed.  

I appreciate all the support through the years and wish you the best.


Louise Black