Golden Bow Estate Sale & Liquidation Services

Golden Bow Estate Sales is owned and operated by Louise, formerly of Hill Country Estate Sales, in New Braunfels, TX. Louise tutored under Norma Garvey, founder of Max's Haus Vintage Mercantile and Hill Country Estate Sales.  Norma had a depth of knowledge and helped Louise learn the business from start to finish. 

Norma was an amazing woman with deep roots in the New Braunfels area.  Golden Bow Estate Sales only emerged due to the untimely passing of Norma late in 2021.  Louise is carrying on and honoring Norma's tradition, staying true to the philosophy Norma taught her on how to run a successful estate sale.

First, develop a great relationship with the family whose estate is being served, understanding their needs and the needs of the estate.

Second, price right so that most merchandise is moved on the first day of the sale. 

Too many companies out there are demanding retail prices at their sales, leaving many items unsold which the family now has to deal with, either by donating or paying for a clean-out.  The Golden Bow philosophy is to clear the house with merchandise sales while still keeping the sale lucrative for the family.  Typically the family has other important issues to deal with surrounding the estate.  They need peace of mind when it comes to the liquidation sale.

Louise has over 20 years of experience in the resale market.  She was an early adopter of eBay and Etsy.  Her meticulous eye for design and her creative skills won her a spot on the 6th season of Project Runway  Her love for antiques and vintage began in her teens and never waned.  She opened her first vintage/antique shop in 2019, Golden Bow Designs, with her husband Matt.  Those same skills apply to crafting the perfect estate sale.

What you can expect from Golden Bow Estate Sales:

  • Honesty & Integrity - We will not give inflated numbers to win a sale and we will give an honest and accurate assessment to the best of our ability when we review the property.  All sales from a multi-thousand dollar item down to a fifty cent container of left-over staples will be documented.
  • Communication - We stay available to communicate throughout the process from start to finish, and even after our clients get paid.  We keep multiple channels of communication open.  We also ask questions throughout to ensure we do not sell something important belonging to the family, and search for items the family cannot locate.
  • Research - When we begin a sale we use our extensive market knowledge, but there are always items that demand research.  We use many tools at our disposal to come to a fair market price.
  • Organization - We naturally organize the house and display items in attractive vignettes.  The better the house looks, the more attractive it is for customers on the days of the sale.  We reorganize throughout the sale to ensure high visibility of valuable items.
  • Photography - We pride ourselves on giving the best presentation and take excellent photos to promote the sale.  Lackluster photos do not entice prospective buyers, so we take the extra time to ensure the photography is top-notch.
  • Marketing - We use multiple avenues to market the sale to ensure the highest turnout.  We have extensive experience and following on social media.  We also know many high profile vintage and antique dealers in Hill Country area and ensure they all know we will be holding a sale.
  • Sale Days - We arrive early and arrange for an appropriate number of staff to ensure good security at each sale.  By this time we know the property in and out, as well as knowing the contents of the house.  We keep a close eye and ensure valuables are dealt with appropriately if not sold the first day.
  • Post Sale - We coordinate based on the family's wishes.  Whether that is donation of remaining items, clean-out services, or simply just leaving the home organized with the remaining items.
  • Quick Accounting - We attempt to finalize the accounting of the sale within a few business days after the completion.

Please reach out with any questions you may have about our service.  You can click here to fill out our contact form where we can reach you, or you can call/text us at ‪(830) 266-9290‬.  

Our aim is to exceed your expectations.

Here are links to some previous sales held this year and we can provide references as needed.

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