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With the pandemic shakeup, Golden Bow relocated from our own shop in Fischer to our new location in New Braunfels.  We are now located at Max's Haus: Google Maps Link

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We loved Fischer and the Blue Victorian house on the Devil's Backbone.  Could not have asked for a more unique setup in a beautiful location in Texas.  But we could not get enough traffic out to the shop.  Location, location, location.  Didn't matter how idyllic it was, not many folks would stop to pull in in off of FM 32, where everyone was driving 70+ MPH.

Louise had heard about Max's Vintage Market from Katinka of Bower Bird (San Marcos) fame and went out to visit at the January Market out in Martindale.  She bought an amazing MCM sofa from Norma Garvey of Max's Haus, and that was were the new leg of the journey began.

Matte was stuck at a desk from March 2020 until April 2022, but was grateful for the job.  Much transpired between the relocation to NBTX from Fischer, and life was too busy to post a lot of updates.

The worst of it: after getting established at Max's Haus, doing Max's Vintage Market in Martindale, learning the estate sale business from Norma, and becoming fast friends, Norma passed away suddenly in Dec 2021.  It was a huge blow.

But just as Norma would have wanted, the show must go on.  Matte is now back working full time with GBD and Golden Bow is stronger than ever - we keep a very stocked booth at Max's Haus - The best Vintage Shop in the Hill Country.  Must come down and check out space with over 10 vendors always keeping things fresh.

We continue to hold a booth at every Uncommon Flea possible and love working with the Uncommon crew.  Make sure to come out every last Sunday of the month, be it hot or cold, located behind Uncommon Objects.

Max's Haus will transition from doing the Vintage Market in Martindale to doing a market in the front yard in Sept 2022.  This will become the best Vintage Flea in the NBTX area - keep an eye out for updates.

Golden Bow is also now offering Estate Sale services.  Louise learned a lot from Norma, working many sales and keenly understanding how to conduct a sale that truly liquidates the estate and takes care of the family.

Much, much more to come.

With Love,

Louise & Matte Black

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